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Roxy the Movie [Blu-ray]


After making Uncle Meat, Zappa moved the band back to L.A. and married his second wife, Gail; their four children include daughters Moon Unit and Diva and sons Dweezil and Ahmet Rodan. (Dweezil would become a solo artist in the Eighties, then form Shampoohorn with his brother in the Nineties before beginning his Zappa Plays Zappa project of the 2000s; both also became television personalities, as did their sister Moon Unit). In L.A. Zappa moved into movie cowboy Tom Mix's Log Cabin Ranch, where he assembled the increasingly complex Burnt Weeny Sandwich and Weasels Ripped My Flesh. By this time, the band had come to include second guitarist Lowell George and drummer Art Tripp III.

To be fair to Palmer, was never really his film. Despite credits as both co-writer and co-director, his role was essentially that of facilitator to the real creative talent. This was a Frank Zappa movie, albeit with Palmer in place as the man with filmmaking experience. Alongside his role as one of the 's music critics, he'd also spent the previous few years making documentaries for the BBC, including the record of Cream's farewell concert at the Royal Albert Hall and the countercultural survey , on which he first met Zappa. His job, in effect, was to supply some technical know-how as well as shaping the material into something resembling a coherent narrative.


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