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Staff artist’s concept by Zaur Eylanbekov - Space Data

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“Airpower Classics” first appeared in February 2006 and was the brainchild of former Photo Editor Zaur Eylanbekov and former Editor in Chief Robert S. Dudney, with text by Walter J. Boyne. It featured a different military aircraft every month for 128 months, beginning with the B-17 and ending this month with the F-22. Each page was built around a high-quality, historically accurate artwork. Eylanbekov drew 94 percent of the aircraft featured on the page, through last December’s F-15. But no matter how popular the page was, we knew “Airpower Classics” would eventually come to an end.

From left to right, USAF fighter generations one through five, plus a placeholder for generation six. *Illustrations not to scale. (Illustrations by Zaur Eylanbekov)


serial 67 14703 luke afb arizona circa 1977 artist zaur eylanbekov