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  • “We use the four-letter B word to describe them,” George Zebroff said. “Best.”

The ABC of yoga

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Jutta Wiedermann, 83, was one of the other yoga instructors who faced city hall with Zebroff. “Now, when you look at how popular yoga is and when it has been seen how valuable yoga is it is difficult to understand, but you know anything that is not known is frightening to many people,” she said.

Wiedermann and Zebroff bonded through their shared experience defending yoga and have been close friends for 40 years. “I love her,” Wiedermann said, noting she speaks daily to Zebroff and often turns to her for advice.


About Petra Zebroff Ph.D. Sex Therapist Vancouver

"This is truly an ideal opportunity for women to privately and frankly get their questions or concerns answered," Dr. Zebroff said. "We are at the height of a new sexual revolution for midlife women and, more than ever before, they want to take an active role in celebrating their sexuality."