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Unseen: London, Paris, New York: Photographs by Wolfgang Suschitzky, Dorothy Bohm and Neil Libbert 1930s-1960s


The fund, which was run by former dealer Zelda Cheatle, closed in October last year, and the photographs are now being sold. Cheatle says she has already made a number of sales and has returned 30 per cent to investors: she predicts an overall return of 29 per cent.

The “global perspective on photography” will bring together artworks from 23 countries, selected by a panel of 18 curators guided by Head Curator Zelda Cheatle, and including world-renowned curators such as Natasha Egan (USA & Canada) and Devika Singh (India).


Curator Zelda Cheatle, Day 5 - Art - How To Spend It

This snapshot of was taken by acclaimed photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who passed away this month and was given by her friend, curator Zelda Cheatle, at .