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The Zen of Steve Jobs


The Zen of Steve Jobs connects this period in Jobs’ life with key moments in Apple’s history. A section of the book takes place in 1986 at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in California. Kobun teaches Jobs kinhin, a walking meditation, and alludes to Jobs’ quest to understand ma, a Japanese design concept apparent today in the simplicity in all iProducts. Since his triumphant return to Apple in 1996, it was evident that Jobs’ experiences with Buddhism played a significant role in his corporate philosophy.

The Zen of Steve Jobs is not only a visual tribute but a look back at an icon whose life shaped the future. Readers will walk away with a better understanding and appreciation of the legacy Steve Jobs left behind.


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A collaboration between Forbes Publishing and creative agency , The Zen of Steve Jobs will have its biggest appeal for Apple fans, but anyone interested in computers or intellectual and spiritual approaches to deign will also enjoy it. It’s a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs and a nice introduction to a man who may have influenced Jobs (Jobs named Kobun NeXT’s spiritual guru) and the products many of us can’t live without today.