Zeus as eagle with Ganymede A.D. 1st century B.C. Source:
  • Zeus as eagle with Ganymede
  • Ganymede Waters Zeus as an Eagle by THORVALDSEN, Bertel
  • Ganymede And Zeus Ganymede with zeus as eagle
  • Zeus Eagle Symbol Eagle symbol

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A less gruesome example of an eagle serving Zeus was when Zeus saw an attractive young man named Ganymedes and decided to take him to Mount Olympos to serve as a cupbearer. Ganymedes was a son of King Tros of Troy who was the great-grandson of Zeus. Zeus sent an eagle to snatch Ganymedes from his home and transport him to Mount Olympos where Zeus made him immortal.

With the consent of Zeus, Apollon established the Oracle of Delphi where he would make the will of Zeus known to all worthy supplicants. The shrine became one of the most important and enduring institutions of the ancient world. Delphi was chosen as Apollon's shrine for a very important reason ... the stone [Omphalos] that Kronos swallowed and then vomited up when he was attacked by Zeus had been placed at Delphi because Zeus had sent two eagles flying in opposite directions to circle the earth ... after their 'round-the-world flight, the birds met at Delphi thus establishing the correct spot for the Omphalos and Apollon's shrine.


Eagle - The eagle showed Zeus as a powerful and royal god