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  • Scott said Zevola was in and out of psychiatric treatment at the VA hospital for the past year.
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Can anyone help me? I am planning my honeymoon to and was thinking of doing bangkok 4 nights, Krabi 4 nights and phi Phi 4 nights. i have founded a good deal at the Zevola resort, but i am worry that it will be too remote, does anyone know if it is near any other resorts, bars, restaurants? or is it easy to get to the more lively places? not that we are looking for major nightlife, but it's nice to have the option. Also do you know if it is expensive to eat in the Zevola?

Zevola had no criminal record, though civil court records show liens for back taxes he owed Allegheny County, the borough and school district. Stanis said he thought Zevola was diagnosed with cancer but handling it well.


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The Oreste Zevola is a French Tarot of with abstract designs of black and red on its very long cards. The style is extremely consistent across the deck, and it's hard to tell cards apart at first glance.