Inside the Fair Trade, Tea-for-All Empire of Ojai’s Zhena Muzyka
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  • Zhena Muzyka, 31Zhena's Gypsy Tea — Importer, Master Blending CompanyOjai, Calif.Launched 2000
  • author Zhena Muzyka presents at Ventura College Weds 12/10 12:30 Wright Event Center
  • Zhena Muzyka: Oh, you mean with my neighbor. Yeah.

Life by the Cup: Inspiration for a Purpose-Filled Life


In a world where Mad Men spends up to $2.5 million per episode to reach 5 million people and YouTubers spend $5,000 to reach 2 million people, there clearly is a new mediaverse out there. Content Engine Founder and Hollywood talent manager, Seth Jaret talks with Zhena Muzyka on Inspiration Inc about how to traverse old and new Hollywood to get your stories out there. Get Inspired, Be The Change, and Redefine Failure on this episode of Inspiration Inc.

For Zhena Muzyka, tea is a way of life. The author of “Life by the Cup: Ingredients for a Purpose-Filled Life of Bottomless Happiness and Limitless Success” began her love affair with tea because of her grandmother, who was a Gypsy in Ukraine.


Zhena Muzyka: My grandmother was Roma gypsy from the Ukraine.

Zhena Muzyka is the Author of Life by the Cup: Ingredients for a Purpose-filled Life of Bottomless Happiness & Limitless Success (add link to book landing page), she’s also a keynote-motivational speaker, tea-maker, founder & publisher of Enliven Books, and eco-entrepreneur who founded Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. She can be found…