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General Cost Structure Analysis: Theory and Application to the Banking Industry


Writers: Ziad Touchan, Zeenut Ziad, Ziad Abdelnour, Ziad Kobti, Ziad Haider, Ziad Kronfol, Ziad Khoury, Ziad Nawfal, Ziad Zennie, Lamia Ziade, Mostapha Ziad, Ziad Elmarsafy, Ziad Sarkis, Ziad Taïb, Ziad Moughabghab, Ziad Fahmy, Homayra Ziad, Ziad Sawan, Ziad Rafiq Beydoun, Ziad M. Awdeh

During the 1970s and the , Sarkis and his family moved to France. While living in France, Sarkis studied at the and graduated from the college in 1993. Following graduation, Sarkis moved into the field of Finance along with his two elder brothers. Ziad Sarkis, studied at both and , before becoming a partner of LBO firm, . He is also the brother of Walid Sarkis, who attended Ecole Polytechnique, Harvard Business School and Stanford before becoming managing director of .


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