• Making Zinio work for free:
  • Making Zinio work for free:
  • Zinio Reader for Android 3.0 and above is available at this time as a downloadable app from the ..
  • your digital edition of can only be downloaded in the Zinio format.

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The Zinio app for Windows Phone 8 offers a number of exclusive features that aren’t currently available on other platforms, and we’ve been talking to Jeanniey Mullen, Zinio’s EVP, Chief Growth Officer, to find out more.

Alternatively, download the 'Zinio for Libraries App' for your smart device. Note: the app works with the website to login, borrow and download. You will need to be registered for Zinio via our website first - see these for more information.


Montgomery County Library District Zinio Magazine Collection

Download Zinio – 5000+ Digital Magazines and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad If you haven't updated your iOS software in awhile, you should! As well as the existing Zinio Reader 4 app there is now a NEW Zinio for Libraries Windows Phone 8 – Zinio Reader 4 only; Blackberry – Zinio Reader 4 only.A Library Zinio account to view the County Library's collection Optional: Install the Zinio Reader App on your smartphone or tablet. •. Visit your device's app