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Once you use the mouse or the Tab key to navigate to the unzipped book folder:


If 2015 progress is any indication of 2016, the future bodes well for ZipBooks.


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  • Even if you choose not to use any of our payment options, ZipBooks is 100% free.



If you saved and unzipped the audio book from within the Downloads folder on your C: drive, you can now move or copy the uncompressed folder to your . If it is already on the flash drive or digital cartridge, skip to . Note that you should simply move or copy your unzipped book to the root of your removable drive. There is no need to create any special subfolders on that drive. You can identify the letter of your removable drive using Windows Explorer, or Computer from the desktop. It is most often E: or F: or G:

I was inspired by a fashion lover - Katie from . She sewed a completely unexpected craft DIY Zipper Book Clutch. The project immediately caught my eye as it requires only a few basic products and it’s easy to recreate. You can use vintage or modern book covers to make a perfect gift. I know some bookworms may not be entirely delighted about the idea of destroying a book so they can always choose



ZipBooks offers professional-looking templates that can be sent from home, the office, or even the grocery store. Because we have paired our templates with on the web, you can access your templates anywhere you can access the internet. Just log on from your phone, mobile device, or computer and your data will be there, ready for you to edit, save, and send. If you begin the day on one operating system and end it on another, no problem! ZipBooks works the same anywhere. So whether you’re at the office, on the go, or on vacation, you’ll be able to access your data wherever you go.