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National Gallery By Frederick Wiseman [DVD] [2014]


The Symposium of Gender, History, and Sexuality is holding its first event, “Gender at Work: A Round Table Discussion on the Evolution of Gender in Academic Work” on Thursday, Sept. 23. The discussion will be held in Garrison Hall 1.102 from 3-5 p.m. The panelists will be Drs. Philippa Levine, Ann Twinam and Jacqueline Jones of the History Department, and Dr. Zipporah Wiseman of the Law School. Come join us for a great discussion!

He has learnt on the job – particularly from the distribution of Titicut Follies and his next film, High School (1968), both of which left him out of pocket. This experience prompted him to set up his own distribution company, Zipporah Films, which holds the worldwide DVD rights to his back catalogue. (The company is named after his wife, the law professor Zipporah B Wiseman, whom he married in 1955; they have two sons together.) ‘I did it because I got screwed blind by other distributors. I finally got a lawyer, recovered the money and figured I didn’t want to take that chance again.’


Zipporah Films Official distributor of Wiseman's work;