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Zlata Filipović was a young girl, too. But really, I'd like you to keep in mind that I'm not here to actually compare this diary to anything else, though Zlata did speak of allusions of Anne Frank and how people even told her that she was like her. So is that saying that if I wrote a diary and got it published, am I the new Anne Frank? No one can compare to Anne, a historical figure who went through so much to prevent hate and war, though she never got her wish fulfilled until after she passed away. I'm kind of debating why am I going to have to compare Anne's work and Zlata's work together for my English exam's essay. But yet again, there are so many contrasts that I'll surely go through. It's a win-win match.

There are many things that one can discuss with the subject of this diary. I bet that there are tons of things that even Zlata herself hadn't realized she was writing about until someone else mentioned it to her. Isn't that unique, you say? Yes, it truly is, since everyone can have a different viewpoint on her story, and if something was symbolism or smacked with the use of literary devices to brighten up it all. But I'm against all of the structural devices, my friends. This is a memoir, a life. It happened the way it happened and nothing is meant to be analyzed by the looks of writing. Personification? Parallelism? That seems like a joke (again speaking of my English class).


The book "Zlata's" Diary was written by Zlata Filipovic

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