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Playing with Poems: Word Study Lessons for Shared Reading, K-2


Pencil Sharpener By Zoe Ryder White I think there are a hundred bees inside the pencil sharpener and they buzz and buzz until my point is sharp! Ceiling By Zoe Ryder White The ceiling is the sky for the classroom

Inside My Heart by Zoe Ryder White Inside my heart lives one birthday party two jazz bands three wrestling puppies four dancing birds five laughing babies six blasting spaceships seven lucky fireflies and a sky full of stars


Zoe Ryder White (Author of One to One) - Goodreads

The ideas presented here are incredibly practical, easily implemented, and highly effective.
-Kathy Collins
Author of Growing Readers Why aren't there more good poems for use in shared reading? Poems that address key curricular goals while making the most of young children's love of rhythm and rhyme? Now, thanks to Zoe Ryder White,