The Strattones cover "Old Man" with guest stand-in Zoe Stratton!
  • 2. Zoe Stratton in 1903
  • Zoe Stratton-Knowles from the U16s was also recognised the Most Promising Young Umpire.
  • Tilghman, Zoe Agnes Stratton
  • Zoe Agnes Stratton

Marshal Of The Last Frontier: Life And Services Of William Matthew Bill, Tilghman, For Fifty Years One Of The Greatest Peace Officers Of The West


Attracted to the Land Run of 1889, Tilghman located a claim near Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory. After the Cherokee Outlet Opening in 1893, he worked as a peace officer in the boomtown of Perry, where he killed a troublemaker called Crescent Sam on September 17, 1893. During this period Tilghman moved his wife and four children to a stud farm near Chandler. Flora Tilghman contracted tuberculosis and in 1897 returned to her mother's Dodge City home and filed for divorce. Flora died in 1900. In 1903 at age forty-eight, Tilghman married a twenty-two-year-old schoolteacher, Zoe Agnes Stratton, who later wrote her husband's biography. The Tilghmans had three children.

The team, which features two U13 players in Lucy Brigly and Emily Coltman, was captained by Zoe Stratton-Knowles who was celebrating her birthday.


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Born on November 15, 1880, in Kansas, Zoe Agnes Stratton was twenty-three when she married Bill. He was more than twenty years older than she, but he suited the school teacher turned author perfectly. “He was a Christian gentleman,” Zoe told reporters at the Ada Evening News on April 16, 1960. “He was quiet, kindly, greatly respected, and loved.”4