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Hellenistic Economies


List of Illustrations. Notes on Contributors. Preface. Abbreviations and a Note on Spelling. Maps. 1. The Classical Age as a Historical Epoch ( Uwe Walter ). 2. The Literary Sources ( P. J. Rhodes ). 3. The Non-Literary Written Sources ( P. J. Rhodes ). 4. The Contribution of the Non-Written Sources ( Bjorn Forsen ). 5. Athens, Sparta and the Wider World ( Roger Brock ). 6. Aegean Greece ( Kai Brodersen ). 7. The Central and Northern Balkan Peninsula ( Zofia Halina Archibald ). 8. The Greek Cities of the Black Sea ( Stanley M. Burstein ). 9. Western Greece (Magna Graecia) ( Peter Funke ). 10. Beyond Magna Graecia: Greeks and Non-Greeks in France, Spain and Italy ( Kathryn Lomas ). 11. The Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond: The Relations between the Worlds of the "Greek" and "Non-Greek" Civilizations ( Robert Rollinger ). 12. The Natural Environment ( J. Donald Hughes ). 13. Environments and Landscapes of Greek Culture ( Lin Foxhall ). 14. The Economic Realities ( G. J. Oliver ). 15. Religious Practice and Belief ( Emily Kearns ). 16. Citizens, Foreigners and Slaves in Greek Society ( Nick Fisher ). 17. Women and Ethnicity in Classical Greece. Changing the Paradigms ( Sarah B. Pomeroy ). 18. Greek Government ( Lynette G. Mitchell ). 19. Democracy ( Kurt A. Raaflaub ). 20. Law and Rhetoric: Community Justice in Athenian Courts ( Robert W. Wallace ). 21. The Organization of Knowledge ( Susan Prince ). 22. From Classical to Hellenistic Art ( Steven Lattimore ). 23. Warfare in the Classical Age ( John W. I. Lee ). 24. The Greek World, 478-432 ( Thomas Harrison ). 25. The Peloponnesian War and its Aftermath (432-371) ( Karl-Wilhelm Welwei ). 26. The Greek World, 371-336 ( Bruce Laforse ). 27. The Conquests of Alexander the Great (336-323) ( Waldemar Heckel ).

Contributors; Foreword; Abbreviations; Markets and exchange: the structure and scale of economic behaviour in the Hellenistic Age (Zofia H Archibald); City building and the Seleucid royal economy (G G Aperghis); Coinage and money supply in the Hellenistic Age (Alain Bresson); A quantitative survey of Hellenistic coinages: recent achievements (Francois de Callatay); Inscribed instrumenta domestica and the economy of Hellenistic and Roman Crete (Angelos Chaniotis); The economic consequences of Hellenistic palaces (John Davies); Banking and credit operations in the Hellenistic world (Vincent Gabrielsen); Greek fineware imports at a rural site in the north-western Crimea in the early Hellenistic period (Lise Hannestad); Amphoras and Hellenistic economies: addressing the (over-)emphasis on stamped amphora handles (Mark Lawall); The making, moving and managing of Eastern Sigitalla A (John Lund); The manufacture and distribution of perfume (Gary Reger); The oath of Chersonesos and the Chersonesean economy in the early Hellenistic period (Vladimir Stolba); Problems in ancient imitative and counterfeit coinage (Peter van Alfen); Index of sources; General index.


Davies & Vincent Gabrielsen (eds.), Making, Moving and Managing