• The Official Zombie Handbook (UK)
  • This list is missing Zombie Attack! by Devan Sagliani, one of the best zombie books ever written!
  • I’d like to see a list of the best zombie book series, not just standalone books.
  • The Apocalypse, a new Zombie book is having a Goodreads giveaway

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead


That’s changed now with new kid on the avenue Zombie Books, a multi-story building that opened a few months back to offer everything the idle class yearns for, from bookstore and gallery to coworking space, cafe and bar.

Ulysses Rubin Lüersen’s STONEWALL VALLEY seems timed perfectly with both peak-dystopia and peak-zombies in YA literature, and one can’t help but feel that this juxtaposition is a cheeky nod to the ubiquity of both. And if you want a dystopia in your zombie book, and vice versa, this book does indeed deliver on both fronts. There is some pretty decent humor here and there too, although the over-the-top fake commercials for the dystopian society’s fast food chain are rather on-the-nose.


Friv 2016 - Play Zombie Book games

Why you should read it now: This series provides a unique take on zombies that combines the traditional journalist-on-the-hunt-for-a-story trope with thrilling zombie action. If you love your zombie books creepy, this one is for you.