• Zombie Repellent
  • Includes 1 can of Zombie Repellent fluid.
  • • Zombie Repellent sticks to surfaces
  • Shotgun+Magnum = Zombie Repelent

ZOMBIE REPELENT Decal Car Laptop Wall Sticker

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They’ve made a couple of interesting modifications to this year’s new — just like any self-respecting survivor would do when preparing for an undead attack. The biggest addition: you can now clip a canister of zombie repellent in to select blasters to hose down would-be invaders.

You’re probably wondering what, exactly, Nerf thinks qualifies as zombie repellent. Truth be told, it’s silly string — not likely to keep away any actual zombies, but certainly another great tool in your Nerf battlechest that can be used to in new and exciting ways.


Zombie Repellent - All natural deodorizing spray

That puppy’s called the Biosquad ZSR-800 Abolisher Blaster; other weapons in the Zombie Strike line are the Flipfury Blaster (two rotating drums with room for six darts each), the Doominator Blaster (four rotating drums with room for six darts each), and the Biosquad ZSR-100 Eraser (darts or zombie repellent). The Flipfury’s out in spring, the other three in the fall. Pics are behind the cut.