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All Things Cute & Nerdy: Zombie Survival (Candy) Kit

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Although it doesn’t sound as much bloody fun as the others, Zombie Survival Camp is not just for corporations. Dubbed “an ideal experience for your bachelor/bachelorette party, family reunion, anniversary party, or your annual friends get-away. Because we are located so close to both New York City and Atlantic City, plan to spend the day learning new skills with us and then continuing the party that night in either city. You will have one-of-a-kind memories for that once in a lifetime event!”

Host any corporate team building event or special occasion at Zombie Survival Camp for a unique training programme which provides an unparalleled opportunity for organizational development. Ideal for groups of 18-24, the Zombie Survival Events program “promotes team work and collaboration as the groups learn and practice new skills. Groups are broken up into teams and rotate through the breakout sessions in their teams. Team members are encouraged to assess each other’s skills because at the end of the day, teams compete against each other during the final timed tactical team exercise.”


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An amazing zombie survival game with incredible graphics quality. Well, obviously, you won’t be getting a great visual experience with just 22 MB packaged game. All things considered, it’s one among the best in what experience it delivers being a small-sized zombie game.