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The Zombie Chasers #7: World Zombination


One of our design goals for World Zombination is to have lots of unique characters. we’ve built an animation pipeline that minimizes the time spent rigging 3D characters, shares a single character rig across a number of uniquely proportioned characters, and shares animations across those characters.

The World Zombination rig was created with flexibility, and small team size in mind. Not only can the bones be re-targeted using Maya controls, animation between all characters on the rig are shared.


World Zombination is a tower defense game from Proletariat

There are plenty of zombie-themed games on the market, but we’re putting a new spin on it, both in terms of gameplay and aesthetic. In World Zombination, you can choose to play as either Survivors or Infected. There aren’t many games out there where you play as a zombie horde and we’re crafting a new type of experience for the Infected that is a little bit real-time strategy and a little bit reverse tower defense.