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  • Philip Yancey, Tim Stafford, Zondervan Publishing House
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  • Richards, Larry; Zondervan Publishing House

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentar, Vol. 2 (Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary)


A book trailer for Zondervan Publishing Group. All video was shot on the 7D. This was a fun challenge of shooting in the beautiful but very dark location of Shove Chapel.

ALL IN is a small group curriculum that was produced for Zondervan Publishing. This is a great example of how The C2 Group can create an engaging experience through visual storytelling.


An early teen book trailer for Zondervan Publishing

The NIV (New International Version) is an American evangelical translation of the Bible in idiomatic twentieth-century English. Over 100 scholars from various churches served on the translation committees, which began their work in 1965. Zondervan published the New Testament in 1973, later revising it at the same time they released the Old Testament in 1978. The Bible has since been revised twice, .