“Jim, we’re going to honor Zora as our Hall of Fame person this year.”
  • Zora Arkus Dontov in 1973: courtesy GM Heritage Center
  • After completing the , the Zoras can be found in 's hot springs, in Lake Hylia, and .
  • In , Zoras appear as a  and a . In , they also appear as a Trophy.
  • No hay Zoras en , pero hay un par de tesoros que hacen referencia a los Zora de : la  y la .

The Complete Stories (P.S.)


Siete años más tarde, provoca que el Dominio de los Zora, así como casi todos sus residentes, sean congelados, sin embargo, logró a tiempo rescatar a la Princesa Ruto. Link, como Héroe del Tiempo, se adentra en el y destruye el mal en su interior, salvando a los Zora y su hogar. Este acontecimiento hace que la princesa Ruto despierte como la .

I've had issues finding supportive and comfortable shoes. Zora's sandals are custom made and as "orthotic" as you need or want. I had a couple of weeks in St Thomas and Zora used them; three fittings and a "cut down" later I had some of the most comfortable sandals I've ever worn. There are several styles and hybrids to choose...


Bellingham, Hair Salon, Day Spa,

The Zora Mask appears as Ruto's Mask costume, which can be unlocked on the DLC Termina Adventure Map. It also appears as one of the found on the Termina Adventure Map. Its Item Card is used on whirlpools in the search screen to reveal enemies.