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Change didn't happen over night, but today the testament to all that hard work is the fact that there are vibrant Zulu chapters in more than 20 countries all over the world with estimated membership of over 10 thousand. They have come to embrace and preserve Hip Hop's key elements and have exemplified what is often considered Hip Hop's 5th Element-'Knowledge'. To me the beauty of it all is seeing what was once considered a 'ruthless gang' evolve' to a group that has strived and succeeded in serving the community. There are all sorts of stories about Zulus ridding their housing projects of drug dealers and many of the older guys spending time mentoring younger people. There are stories about Zulus escorting women to and from their apartments as well as looking out and helping those in need. This of course is in addition to various Zulu chapters that have involved themselves in local politics including the fight to Free Mumia and get him a new trial. We also can not overlook the fact that it was Zulu Nation members who put out some of Hip Hop's first records as well as among the first to establish Hip Hop's first radio shows. Who could forget Zulu Beats with Afrika Islam on WHBI. Its a shame that there hasn't been more of a public celebration and acknowledgment of this organization and its accomplishments. In any case, props to them on their 26th anniversary..

Q-Tip added that he's "excited about it. It's a concept album, kinda... The beats are gonna be hard. It's gonna be traditional, like, Zulu beats... old school Africa Islam tapes, with the drum breaks and shit like that. It's just got a good drive to it. I'm really excited about it."