• And Zuzu Bolin played
  • And Zuzu Bolin played 'Stavin' Chain ..
  • And Zuzu Bolin played 'Stavin' Chain' and Mighty Tiny on the saw and he
  • he became acquainted with local bluesmen Mercy Baby, Zuzu Bolin and ..

Texas Bluesman

Too low to display

We put up our tent on a dark
Green knoll, outside of town by
The train tracks and a seagull dump
Topping the bill was Horse Face Ethel
And her Marvelous Pigs in satin
We pounded our steaks in the ground
All powder brown
And the branches spread like scary
Fingers reaching – we
Were in a pasture in Kankakee
And one eyed Myra, the queen of
The galley who trained the
Ostrich and the camels
She looked at me squinty with her
One good eye in a Roy Orbison
t-shirt as she bottle fed
an Orangutan named
Tripod and then there was
Yodeling Elaine the
Queen of the air who wore a
Dollar sign medallion and she
Had a tiny bubble of spittle
Around her nostril and a
Little rusty tear, for she had
Lassoed and lost another
Tipsy sailor and over in
The burnt yellow tent
By the frozen tractor, the
Music was like electric sugar
And Zuzu Bolin played
"Stavin' Chain" and Mighty
Tiny on the saw and he
Threw his head back with a
Mouth full of gold teeth
And they played lopsided heart

And moon over Dog Street and
By the time they played Moanin Low
I was soakin wet and wild eyed
And Doctor Bliss slipped me a
Preparation and I fell asleep with
Livery Stable Blues in my ear
And me and Molly Hoey drank
Pruno and Koolaid she had a
Tattoo gun made out of a cassette
Motor and a guitar string and
she soaked a hanky in 3 roses
and rubbed it on the spot
and she drew a rickety heart and
a bent arrow and it hurt like hell
and Funeral Wells spun
Poodle Murphy on the target
As he threw his hardware, only
Once in Sheboygan did he miss
At a matinee on Diamond Pier and
She'd never let him forget it
They were doing two shows and she
Had a high fever and he took
Off a piece of her ear and
Tip Little told her she should
Leave the bum but
Poodle said, "he fetched me
Last time I run" and I'd
Like to hammer this ring into
A bullet and I wish I
Had some whiskey and a gun
My dear, I wish I had some
Whiskey and a gun my dear

She went on to study with Claire Johnson at Southern Methodist University. She hit the Dallas clubs in the 1980’s and followed various blues artists including ZuZu Bolin, and learned to emulate blues licks on her flute. She first picked up guitar while in her 20s in order to write and accompany herself. Throughout her career, Annie has followed a diverse path. She has performed in musical revues, theatrical productions, and has developed educational programs incorporating music and environmental awareness for elementary schools.


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(4) Zu Zu Bolin/ Stavin'Chain:
- Classic "dirty" blues "Stavin' Chain" (Transcribed from vocals by Lil Johnson, recorded 1937): ""
- "Zu Zu Bollin was a Texas blues guy, who first recorded back in the days of shellac 78rpms and specialized in jump blues. Born in Frisco, Collin Co., 1922. Died in Dallas, 1990. Influenced by T-Bone Walker. Recorded 4 sides for Bob Sutton's Torch label in 1952: - Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night b/w Matchbox blues (also the debut of tenor man David "Fat Head" Newman, who went on to play with Ray Charles; Leroy Cooper, another Ray Charles associate, played on this as well) and - Stavin' Chain b/w Cry, Cry, Cry (with members of Jimmy McCracklin's band). Inspired Lil' Son Jackson & U.P. Wilson a.o. Some of his stuff regularly makes it onto specialized Texas blues V.A. comps. 2 sides recorded in '54 are untraceable. Worked with Joe Morris and Jimmy Reed in the fifties until retiring at the end of the decade. Started a dry-cleaning business in '64. Rediscovered in the late 80s by Chuck Nevitt, there's a 1989 cd out of new recordings called "Texas Bluesman" (as by "Zuzu Bolin" rather than "Zu Zu Bollin" this time) on Antone's (owned by Clifford Antone, who owned the Antone's club in Austin), the recording of which was sponsored by the Dallas Blues Society, of which he may or may not have been a founding member. (There's also something called a Zu Zu Bolin Memorial Award.) Singles from this cd, including a re-recording of "Why don't you eat", appeared on Topflight and should be readily and cheaply available on ebay (although - the horror - they are described as 'Chicago blues', but then, that is to be expected, seeing as 'Chicago' and 'Delta' are the only words people remember when it comes to blues). On the cd he played with "Fat Head" Newman again, saxist Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff (Marcia Ball, Solomon Burke, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Earl King, Barbara Lynn, Otis Rush etc etc), and Duke Robillard, who produced the thing. Tracks from that cd apparently made the playlist of quite a few blues stations, and musicians who played with him proudly mention this collaboration on their own websites. Toured Europe then & was working on a second album when he died."